Hänsel & Gretel: A Sweet Escape (UA)

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Hansel & Gretel: A Sweet Escape (UA), freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, written and directed by Juli Mahid Carly.

Dinner with the Family. Gretel can't get a bite down except for her fingernails, while Hansel can't get enough. Since his thyroid gland can't compensate for binge eating in the long run, but he definitely doesn't want to gain weight, he demands a firm hand from his parents. Because the brats' consumer behavior also doesn't sit well with local inflation, the mother is forced into the role of the evil stepmother and the familiar fairy tale can take its course. Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the forest and cannot find their way back. But suddenly the bitterly cold darkness gives way to a seductive creamy landscape with a mysterious magical lady as a topping. This lady not only offers piles of cakes, but also the antidote: an elixir that satisfies the annoying hunger and helps against nail biting. Hansel and Gretel desperately need the recipe.

Juli Mahid Carly's new comedy combines the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale classic with current discourses on body ideals and nutrition. The generational conflict in the family hangs on the question of what the children rightly or wrongly demand from their parents. Where does poverty begin when identity is consolidated through consumption? And does one actually still belong to the middle class when one's disposable money and inflation race against each other?

Further information and tickets at: https://www.muenchner-volkstheater.de/programm/schauspiel/haensel-gretel-sweet-escape-ua

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