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Alone among furniture Tour 2023

"October in Rimini" is not only an Italian movie classic of the 70s. The three words are also the answer to the question of origin. The origin of the wondrous, likeable and downright insanely accomplished band HOTEL RIMINI.

In October in Rimini, in fact, six incapacitated musicians worked as hotel employees in a run-down vacation resort on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Julius and Paul, as elevator boys in baggy uniforms, drove their ever-same routes between upstairs and downstairs. Annegret managed the hotel's volleyball team, which was more than respectable considering her height of 1.58 meters. Jakob was responsible for the kitchen, Valentin worked as a lifeguard, and Paula spruced up the rooms with routine meticulousness. They were all united by a passion for music and the need to cross-fund their bohemian lifestyle. The dreary song of the off-season sang its ever-same refrain until it was abruptly interrupted by the autumnal lockdown. Tristesse virale, so to speak. The hotel closed its doors and the already few guests left the port of package tourism. In this mixture of empty rooms and growing inspiration, the six formed a band, took up residence in the presidential suite and developed their debut album "Allein unter Möbeln".

Or was everything completely different? Let's keep it with Werner Herzog, indulge in ecstatic truth and concentrate on the essentials. The essentials in this case are the 13 songs that HOTEL RIMINI recorded for their debut album, which is remarkable in its stylistic confidence and complexity. Anyone who makes timeless music has a hard time being the band of the hour. And yet "Allein unter Möbeln" is a clear messenger of the present. This also has to do with the lyrics of singer Julius Forster, who accompanies the realities of our time with a rough voice and astute observations.

And everyone knows better, but no one so exactly
With two cups of espresso we pull ourselves through the cocoa
- from "Jubel Trubel Eitelkeit" -
At the same time, the song lines never slide into boring moralizing, always leaving room for one's own interpretation. The failure to cope with the brutalities of everyday life plays a greater role in HOTEL RIMINI than the political anyway. On the subject of "coming to terms with the past in public transportation," for example, it says:

The crime scene investigators on TV are also no longer what they used to be And I want to pull you out of circulation, I'm running from you on the train.

Beautiful lyrics that meet sophisticated music. Drawn comparisons to Element Of Crime or Rio Reiser are very gallant, but fall short. In HOTEL RIMINI's wide range of instruments between indie and chanson, complex string arrangements are just as at home as catchy guitar hooks. Sometimes an old Casio gets lost in a song, sometimes a sporadically used French horn. A howling electric guitar or groovy, rumbling drums find their place just as much as a string trio reminiscent of Schubert. In "Hilde", the last song of the album, there is even a one-minute double bass solo that does not sound pretentious, but beautiful. The fact that the album sounds like a unified whole in its versatility is also thanks to producer Sascha Hünermund, in whose charming studio in the west of Leipzig the Riminis recorded almost all the songs live.

So you can say "Allein unter Möbeln" has become an excellent debut album. It will be released on 27.10. An October in Rimini is hereby warmly recommended!

The concert is presented by K&F Artists

Admission: 20:00

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KNUST Hamburg Neuer Kamp 30 20357 Hamburg

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