Ich bin Astrid aus Småland

In the organizer's words:

Text editing, production and direction: Martin Mühleis
Recitation and acting: Gesine Cukrowski
Composition, saxophone: Libor Síma
Acoustic guitar, banjo: Barbara Jungfer
Double bass: Henrik Mumm
Costumes: Vera Löffler
With Gesine Cukrowski and Hennes Gäng

A production of the sagas.ensemble Stuttgart

She created stories that everyone knows, characters that people all over the world love: Astrid Lindgren. When she was born, women did not yet have the right to vote, married people were under the guardianship of their husbands and the social meeting place of her hometown Vimmerby was the fair. When she died, the world was a different place, after two world wars, the flight to the moon, the sexual revolution. Her biography is a beguiling foray through the 20th century, for which the characters in her books also stand: Pippi Longstocking, Michel from Lönneberga, Mio.

In this humorous and touching evening of theater, Gesine Cukrowski slips into the role of the great Swedish children's author. In a rousing stage monologue, she tells of Astrid Lindgren's "escape" to Stockholm, away from her family, unmarried and pregnant.

Director and author Martin Mühleis and composer Libor Síma have been working together extremely successfully for twenty years, and the story of Astrid Lindgren is their most recent joint stage work.

Libor Síma composed the stage music for the cast of saxophone, melodica, banjo, guitar and double bass, Martin Mühleis wrote the text for this stage monologue from countless interviews given by Astrid Lindgren during her life and created the overall scenic concept. As has been the case for many years, Hamburg lighting designer Birte Horst completes the proven team.

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Altonaer Theater Museumstr. 17 22765 Hamburg