PHOTO: © Danny Frede

Ingo Appelt

In the organizer's words:
Admission: 7:00 p.m.
seated, free choice of seats

On the shit, ready, go!
Taboo-friendly, violent and hearty! If you want Ingo Appelt, you get Ingo Appelt. Plain talk and nothing for the faint-hearted.
Where have they gone, the good years? Nothing is as it was! Everything is going down the drain! -When everyone's complaining, one man rises to the top and takes the helm: Ingo Appelt! The last, yes, the best of his kind, with his best program ever. Fully doped with ingosterone and a "Hooray, we're in a bad way!" on his lips, the knight of relentless humor sets out to cut the head off the general annoyance. Someone has to do it, it doesn't help - Appelt does! And like every knight, he does it all for the women. Ingo celebrates women and demands matriarchy now! No matter what the others say. He accepts that, because friction creates warmth. And we can use that especially well now! He continues to hit where it hurts with laughter - always on the diaphragm. The be Junge of comedy is as fearless as ever and doesn't mince his words. He'd rather lose a good friend than a good gag. Well, that can be cheerful, cheerful with the prospect of a shitstorm! And if you still want to hate someone while having so much fun, then hate Ingo. He can handle it. Even better - he's giving away the free seminar "Supervised Hating with Ingo Appelt" with every ticket you buy. It can be booked directly during the show.
STARTSCHUSS - who misses this, is not to be saved!

Organizer: Gastro-Event GmbH / GLORIA
Photocredit: Leslie Barabasch
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GLORIA Köln Apostelnstraße 11 50667 Köln

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