Ingolf Lück: Sehr erfreut! Die Comedy-Tour 2024

In the organizer's words:

It's not easy: no sooner do you feel like you've stepped out of the Bobby Car, no sooner are you over the sore muscles from the Let's Dance finale, than there's this responsibility everywhere. Everything is just ecological, everyone is fit and you are supposed to be in harmony with yourself all the time, so that your own bowels become even more charming. What a prospect for someone who has just turned 60 and really wants nothing more than to finally be offered a seat on the streetcar?

Five years after "Ach Lück mich doch" Ingolf Lück is back with his new program "Sehr erfreut! The Comedy Tour 2024" is back on the cabaret and comedy stages of the country. And this time it is dealt!
Charming but direct, he dissects a world that spins so fast that sometimes it's worth just stopping, looking around and waiting for the next train. In the process, he addresses both the big and the not-so-pressing questions of the day. Why does organic always have to sound like you have to start smoking pot to get it? Why are there no trapdoors at the end of escalators?
And how should you behave when you find a 50-cent piece in a kebab or your daughter suddenly brings home the Veith?
After more than 30 years on stage, weekly show anchorman and Let's Dance winner Ingolf Lück finally knows the answer.

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Senftöpfchen-Theater Große Neugasse 2-4 50667 Köln

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