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Jens Heinrich Claassen - Ohne Liebe rostet nichts

Spoken word Comedy Bühnenkunst & Theater
In the organizer's words:

Jens Heinrich Claassen - "Nothing rusts without love".

Time heals all wounds. That's what they say. And it's nonsense. At least Jens Heinrich Claassen thinks it's a lot of nonsense.
The likeable comedian is now in his mid-forties and time is slowly but surely running out for him. He is still single, he lives with his mother again and his best friends are still his cuddly toys.

When Jens Heinrich's heart is broken once again and his mother writes him at the same moment that she now has a new boyfriend, he has had enough. Something has to change. And immediately!

How do you finally stop writing love songs for women all the time?
And how do you deal with surprising your mother while making out with her new boyfriend?

Fortunately, Jens Heinrich Claassen is still not a quitter. With a lot of humor and a lot of music, he takes his audience on a journey to fight his burgeoning gateway panic. Because maybe it's not so bad that you're getting older. And maybe you can deal with some things more calmly. That could help.

After all, a well-known saying goes, "Nothing rusts without love." That's true. A little bit, at least.
In any case, it helps not to take yourself too seriously.

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Schmidtchen Spielbudenplatz 21/22 20359 Hamburg

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