PHOTO: © Robert Maschke

Johnny Armstrong

In the organizer's words:

This show is not for sissies, as Johnny pulls out all the stops in the battle against wasteland.

How do you continue a successful show made up of crass gags, shot down by an equally crass guy? Well, sure! Put one on top of the other!

In the hilarious second solo of the comedy hooligan, Johnny Armstrong offers a completely new show in English comedy style - only in German.

With incomparable punchline density, the native Brit fires gags like from a machine gun. Johnny targets the trauma of life with black humor and soothes the pain through shared laughter.

A manifesto of incoherence filled with entertaining stories, marinated in self-irony and spiced with wordplay. If you need a common thread, just help yourself to Johnny's whiskers.

WARNING: This show is not for sissies, because in the fight against the wasteland Johnny pulls out all the stops.

Gnadenlos 2: Even harder, even coarser, even more merciless!

Organizer: Capitol Betriebs GmbH

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Price information:

25,00€ - 29,40€

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