PHOTO: © Sebastian Hoppe / Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

K wie Kafka

In the organizer's words:

K for Kafka - by Gregory Caers and ensemble - ages 10 and up - world premiere on February 25, 2023 - Münsterstraße 446 - Junges Schauspiel.

Understanding and following the sometimes absurd rules of our modern world can be not only tragic, but often very funny - an experience that connects children and adults. Kafka's works subvert these rules and are also full of wondrousness. The main characters in his stories often have startlingly simple names. Sometimes they are simply called K. - K for Kafka. There is Josef K., for example, who is arrested out of the blue - "without having done anything bad." Or Gregor Samsa, who awakens "one morning from restless dreams" and finds himself "transformed into a monstrous vermin."

Belgian theater-maker Gregory Caers and the ensemble humorously get to the bottom of these astonishing events. It is a search for what makes Kafka's world so fascinating, when we encounter Kafkaesque situations in everyday life, and how Kafka's stories can be told for audiences as young as 10. A quest that explores how a dreary situation can also be transformed into something comical. The production also focuses on Kafka himself. How would he react if he were suddenly confronted with the characters and inventions of his own stories in reality?

"K for Kafka" is Gregory Caers' sixth work at the Junges Schauspiel. It is characterized by an aesthetic that lives on theatrical images and gets by with few words. The Belgian theater maker relies on a universal theatrical language that everyone can feel and understand, regardless of age.

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