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20:00 I Concert I 💿 JAKI

Emmanuel Trouvé aka UssaR learned to play the piano from an emeritus jazz professor. Although only at the age of 15, it was not too late for a professional career. A few years later he was already on the road as a keyboardist with French rappers like DJ Pone, Youssoupha and Kery James.

On the return flight from a tour of Africa, he came up with the idea of writing songs himself. It only took two years from this decisive moment to the first EP with his biggest hit "Six milliards" (Le Pop 10), for the transformation from hip-hop keyboard man to chansonnier on the piano. If you listen to him today, Brel rather than MC Solar will come to mind as a comparison, and yet UssaR says: "The flow of a Nas is just as free as a Charlie Parker sax solo," which explains why there are phrasings and accents in his singing that make you think of rap. However, this does not change the fact that today we have UssaR to thank for some of the most beautiful chanson ballads that France has to offer at the moment.

This year saw the release of "Étendard", a first album full of depth and brilliance. By the way, UssaR celebrates its German premiere here today.


Emmanuel Trouvé (piano)

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JAKI Venloer Str. 40 50672 Köln

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