In the organizer's words:

Luan is unique among Germany's comedians: He is an Albanian-Swabian policeman.
He fled to Germany from Kosovo as a child with his parents in the 1990s, stranded at Stuttgart's main train station, without prospects, only tolerated, he now serves the German state - and is thus the prime example of successful integration. Even the last skeptic realizes: "They don't come here to steal our country. They even come here to protect it."
His life is his program. Real, encouraging and just plain funny. Luan tells us about his strict Albanian father and the many differences between European cultures. In doing so, he slips with perfect accent into the roles of the German Dirk, the Croatian Ivica and the Albanian Fatmir, with whose help he always manages to bring out funny stories from his youth and to awaken childhood memories in the minds of his audience.

But things get really philosophical when Luan takes us with him on patrol, into his tough, but above all hilarious everyday life as a policeman: to defuse an aerial bomb, to the scene of a game accident with a "wolf" and much more.

Luan draws from a cornucopia of crazy incidents. And all this in his very own Albanian-Swabian-German way. Or was it Croatian after all? Or Turkish? No matter. At the "Luan Comedy Show" one thing is guaranteed in any case: Laughter until the police arrive.

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KENT Club Stresemannstraße 163 22769 Hamburg

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