Abgesagt | Martin Hermann: Krippenvorspiel

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"Krippenvorspiel - a year back preview".
A beautiful Bescherung!

When at the end of the summer vacations in the supermarket the remelted Easter bunny heralds the pre-Christmas season, we suspect: soon it will be that time again. The days become short, the temperatures fall to ten degrees plus. The spring tide waits on cheap holiday beaches for German Christmas refuseniks. The generation that has ruined our climate is waiting for grandchildren.
Those who stayed at home are waiting for the feast of love and joy. The generation contract partner, which has become rare, tries to click away living Santas - then the Ritalin runs out! At Christmas, family members really get to know each other. Consequence: a considerable number of marriage contracts are prematurely terminated after Christmas - because of Christmas. To show ways out, to suggest solutions - that is the task of the beautiful Bescherer Martin Herrmann. "Tomorrow comes the Christmas Herrmann, comes with his gifts..." and he carries again highly comical things in the bag: political weather forecasts, charming word combinations, fine bitter songs, tips and tricks for the relationship. Gift ideas that always work: from the analog pixelation program for the face to the politically correct gift tank for crisis areas with a mother-child compartment and delivery couch. Inclusion is a top priority: the battlefield of the future will either be barrier-free, or we won't participate.

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Senftöpfchen-Theater Große Neugasse 2-4 50667 Köln

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