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Abgesagt | Matthias Reuter ist höchstwahrscheinlich echt

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In the organizer's words:

Matthias Reuter is most likely real
Music Cabaret

Matthias Reuter is most likely real. At least there are some things that speak for it. His lyrics contain views that no computer would ever share. He is not photoshopped, strongly short-sighted and his warranty is also as good as expired.
But that also has its advantages. Because it allows him to do things that are not possible digitally. Laughter, for example. Or scrambling eggs. Or wondering about the world in cabaret theater. That works best with other people. Best of all, with people who have bought tickets beforehand. Cabaret is like vegetables: ideally, you get them regionally and directly from the producer. And that's why Matthias Reuter once again pushes the piano onto the stage and presents stories and songs from real life far away from zeros and ones. Because why always be smart?
Reuter makes mistakes. That's a promise! Every evening he makes at least two mistakes on the piano. And he sings in such a way that it's hardly noticeable. And he looks for analog role models. Like the elderly lady who summed up everything you need to know about the Internet in one sentence: "I don't speak English, but I always press NO!" Now that's a pragmatic approach. And so there is topical satire and piano cabaret with self-made thoughts. Imperfect at its best. Because Reuter already suspects: "What throws mankind out of the race? Computers that can play dumb." But fortunately, technology is still a long way off.

Price information:
AK 23,- €/ 17,- € (erm) / VVK 18,- € / 13 € (erm) (+fees).
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Theater 509 Dreikönigenstr. 23 50678 Köln

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