Maxi Schafroth - Faszination Bayern

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The winner of the 2014 Golden Stuttgart Broom Maxi Schafroth is back!

After his first solo program "Faszination Allgäu", cabaret artist Maxi Schafroth seamlessly continues his bizarre journey of observation. "Fascination Bavaria" is the second milestone in his long-planned cabaret trilogy. According to Schafroth himself, he had the idea for it at the age of seven while touching the electric pasture fence in Gumpratsried near Eggisried. "That was mind-expanding!" says Schafroth, who also enjoyed a solid cabaret education as part of his IHK apprenticeship as a bank clerk.
In "Fascination Bavaria", the journey takes him out of the structurally weak Allgäu region, across the Lech river and into the praised university city of Munich. There, Maxi Schafroth encounters dentists' children from Starnberg in SUVs, Munich's educated citizens in mustard yellow corduroy pants and hip scene couples with wooden-look glasses.
From BayWa Ottobeuren to the Manufactum rubber boot shelf at Munich's Marienhof, Maxi Schafroth introduces us to the diversity of Germany's largest federal state and, as a nationwide cultural coach, advocates tolerance and togetherness. With the help of well-founded historical evidence, he raises awareness of Bavarian history and sheds light on the first Bavarian settler and forefather "Eusebius the Invertebrate" from the 9th century and his 40-strong peasant army, the "Frusthaufen", which advanced as far as Damascus on foot in the so-called "hedgehog formation".
Maxi Schafroth provides a remedy for the problems of burnt-out high achievers on his converted hereditary farm. The rehabilitation center for drop-out bankers and the glacier hut seminar "Letting go!" for overstressed "helicoptering parents" earned him the nomination for "Entrepreneur of the Year" in his home community of Stephansried and catapulted him overnight to second place in Wikipedia as the most prominent person in the village of 78 souls, right after the miracle healer Sebastian Kneipp.
Maximilian Schafroth spared no effort and no risk in developing his new program. He put himself in some pretty dicey situations, including several years of industrial espionage at a major bank, a three-day internship at a daycare center in Schwabing and participation in a seminar on breathing therapy for managers. Maxi Schafroth turns this biographical crossover into stunning cabaret, always underpinned by the rasping charm of his Allgäu accent.
In "Fascination Bavaria", he is once again accompanied by his heart and mind and, above all, by his congenial guitarist and court neighbor Markus Schalk.

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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