miu – Train Train 1 / 3

Theater Performance Stadt Installation Lecture Konzeptkunst Straßenbahn
In the organizer's words:

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Train Train 1/3 is the start of a trilogy in which conceptual artist miu, together with allies, explores streetcar networks and their role in the movement of bodies in urban space. miu is interested in networks of various kinds that create connections between moving bodies in often invisible ways. Looking at nodes, transit, and guidance systems for people with visual impairments, the project asks how mobility is organized in urban coexistence. How do structures grow, where do they disappear or end, and what are the implications of this?

miu's research results in a presentation format that invites people to experience the layers that overlap in urban space: the tactile, auditory and visual elements explored there are translated into an urban space scene in the foyer of the FFT Düsseldorf. Here, scenographic design and sounds borrowed from public space, haptic impressions and artistic audio description flow together. Three speakers with different perspectives on urban mobility add content-related impulses. The inclusion of interpreters for French and Japanese adds another level to the sound and space installation.

Barrier-free for people with visual impairments

Audio description (German/Japanese/French) is part of the piece as a separate artistic means and enables people with visual impairments to access the performances.

The box office and foyer are open one hour before each performance. The tactile tour is an integral part of the performances and begins for all visitors at the start of the event.

People with visual impairments pay the reduced admission price. One accompanying person receives free admission. We ask for reservation.

Assistance dogs are welcome by appointment.

If you need assistance around your visit with us, would like to sign up for a tactile tour, or are coming with an assistance dog, contact us at or by phone at 0211 876787-250


『Train Train 1/3』はコンセプトアーティストmiuによるレクチャーサウンドパフォーマンス。都市空間における「様々な身体」のモビリティ(移動性)とそのメカニズムを探究していく三部作『Train Train』の最初の作品となる。デュッセルドルフのトラム路線図、移動する都市空間としてのトラムの車体、視覚障碍者用に設置された誘導システムのフィールドリサーチを基に設計された『Train Train 1/3』の空間は、FFTに移植された「ある街の風景」である。その風景にKristin Schusterによる音声ガイド、そして日本語・フランス語に逐次通訳される3組の講演者の言葉が加わり、都市の内部で移動を続ける様々な身体を、時には視覚では認識できない形で翻訳していく。

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Price information:

from €10.00


FFT Düsseldorf Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1 40210 Düsseldorf

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