Monika Blankenberg: Altern ist nichts für Feiglinge - Best Of

In the organizer's words:

Monika Blankenberg, equipped with a sharp tongue and a sense of humor, only ever wanted to become "18". And that took forever. That must have been last year. Or the year before last? Why is time in such a terrible hurry? She resolutely pulls the emergency brake and finds herself in a society that no longer reproduces sufficiently, but will soon be paying scrapping premiums for 35-year-olds. And while Monika Blankenberg dissects the concept of "aging" in a winking and humorous way and courageously stands in the way of a completely insane zeitgeist, "Oma Anna" once again becomes combative despite her advanced age. Monika Blankenberg becomes "Oma Anna" before your very eyes.

Socially critical, political, funny and ironic: accept the invitation to an evening of shared laughter.

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Price information:

from €17.37


Atelier Theater Roonstraße 78 50674 Köln

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