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Montez - Love in Danger Additional Shows '24

After his "Liebe in Gefahr" tour is almost completely sold out months before the start of the tour despite various rescheduling and additional shows, Montez announces six exclusive additional dates for 2024.

Montez is without question one of the absolute top songwriters and rappers in the German-speaking world. In his music he processes everything he experiences and is celebrated for it by his fans. With his number 1 single "Auf & Ab" ("Up & Down"), which went platinum in three countries, behind him, his last album "HERZINFUCKED" went straight into the top 10 of the German album charts in the spring of 2022.
Now his fans can look forward to the album "Liebe in Gefahr", which will be released on 16.06.2023. ",Liebe in Gefahr, has a slightly more positive underlying mood," Montez notes. "Of course, there are still the typical Montez ballads. But a lot of the songs are much more positive and forward."
The songs on the new album are about love in all its facets. "I thought the title 'Love in Danger' was apt, because love is actually always in danger if you don't take care of it. It shows how fragile the feelings between two people are - and if you don't pay attention or are careless with them, they disappear," Montez explains. "The songs are about
relationships that may not always be easy, where you have to face problems and solve them together. But despite everything, one thing is certain, which is that you love each other. Most of the time, at least."

With the "Love in Danger" add-on shows, Montez will bring his new album to the stages of his biggest venues to date in the spring of 2024.

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