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NEUROTICFISH was born in the early 90s as the alter ego of Sascha Mario Klein. Inspired and influenced by the sound of Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode, Neuroticfish experimented with elements of industrial, EBM and pop to create a new blend of electronic music.

Neuroticfish created Music For A Paranormal Life, a sound concept that observes life beyond normality. This concept analyzes neurosis, paranoia and emotional addictions and their effects to create the basis for the new sound. A sound that combines naive pop melodies with hard industrial noises and trance and techno elements.

The songs are about those inner monologues where you confront a person and tell them exactly what you think of them. Then you leave the battlefield, go high into supposed triumph. Or those perfect, razor-sharp retorts full of venomous wit and intelligence that you've never actually uttered. Unfortunately, even the remorse felt over verbalized emotions that are better left unsaid.

Special Guest: MORPHOSE
What happens when gripping electronic songs and atmospherically intense soundtracks collide at high speed? Something great independent and extraordinary: MORPHOSE.

This unique project is produced by musician, songwriter, film music producer and video artist Christoph Schauer in his Berlin Macroscope Studio.

MORPHOSE combines uncompromising driving beats in hooky electro song arrangements with dark epic soundscapes - standing absolutely on its own at festivals, club shows in expression and live performance. This concept has already inspired Lennart A. Salomon (Sono), Sascha Klein (Neuroticfish) and other renowned artists who have contributed features to MORPHOSE.

As a music producer and live performer Schauer has already caused a sensation and recognition with CYTO. Various shows, festivals and releases inspired fans as well as critics and left a lasting impression. Soundtracks for national and international feature film and series productions (among them NETFLIX, HBO, CBS, TV Now)
show the broad artistic spectrum of Schauer, who now puts all this concentrated energy into MORPHOSE.

The music is very dynamic and intense. Each individual piece basically describes a self-contained short film. MORPHOSE is a trip to the reasons and abysses of human states of perception. A fragmentary soundtrack of human existence and becoming, whose form can never be fixed. - so SCHAUER.

+ 32 Years - Return of the Living Dead Party

Market Hall Hamburg
Klosterwall 11

Admission: 20:00
Start: 21:00

Admission: 22:00

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Markthalle-Hamburg Klosterwall 11 20095 Hamburg

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