In the organizer's words:

A collective research project

"What do I dream about? Mhm... (laughs) ... Actually, of the society that has abolished the term 'normal', where the term simply no longer exists. I think that would already do a lot."

In the text of "(Non)Mothers!", responses from 22 interviews on the topic of (non)motherhood are interwoven - to create a piece about decisions, doubts, (mis)births, abortions, transformations and courageous actions. The diverse realities of life of diverse women and female-read people find a stage here just as much as perspectives, experiences and feelings that are still socially taboo. 22 voices speak about their mothers, about becoming a mother, being a mother, never or unconditionally wanting to become a mother and not being able to become a mother.

Actresses Barbara Horvath and Lisa Stiegler and DJ* Theresa "BiMän" Bittermann give these voices a body and an echo chamber in which a polyphonic conversation emerges that invites all people - whether they are mothers or not.

Artistic direction

Play development Theresa "BiMän" Bittermann, Sara Dec
Play development Marie Gimpel, Barbara Horvath, Friederike Meisel, Lisa Stiegler
Idea Lisa Stiegler
Stage and costume Marie Gimpel, Friederike Meisel
Composition Theresa "BiMän" Bittermann
Light Johannes Frank

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Price information:

from 8 € for students


Marstall Marstallplatz 4 80539 München

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