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Nils Holgerssons wundersame Abenteuer

Theater Kinder & Jugendliche Musiktheater
In the organizer's words:
Nils Holgersson flies away with the geese! In the new children's opera by Elena Kats-Chernin and Susanne Felicitas Wolf, the diminutive hero plunges through numerous adventures at the side of his friend Marten, the pet goose - and is still very big in the end!It's not always easy being a child. No one knows that better than Nils Holgersson. His parents are unhappy, there are constant arguments, and he doesn't really know where to put his own bad mood. But things only get really annoying when Nils takes his anger out on an elf.

As punishment, the impudent boy is reduced to the size of a thumb. When Marten the goose wants to run away from the Holgersson's farm, the now very small Nils throws himself at Marten - and suddenly finds himself in the middle of an adventure and in a flock of wild geese! The fairy tale of the boy who suddenly looks at the world from the air - and does so with the body of a gnome - is a classic of children's literature. Conceived as an entertaining geography lesson about her Swedish homeland, Selma Lagerlöf's novel has lost none of its relevance. In a new version by Elena Kats-Chernin and Susanne Felicitas Wolf (Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs , Jim Knopf and Lukas the Locomotive Driver), Nils has to go through all kinds of adventures, earn the trust of the wild geese and find out what such a pixie size can be good for. A story about courage, friendship and self-confidence.

By the way, Ruth Brauer-Kvam - who can also be seen as a performer in Chicago this season - presents herself as a director for the first time at the Komische Oper Berlin with Nils Holgersson, full of poetry, wit and a whole lot of magic. This content has been machine translated.

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12 - 54 €


Komische Oper Berlin Behrenstr. 55-57 10117 Berlin