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ok.danke.tschüss - Das Neue Normal - Tour 2024

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In the organizer's words:

"You're all pussy-births!" a phrase that not every band can throw at their audience. With ok.danke.tschüss, however, the crowd sings along to these lines fervently and proudly. Whoever wonders how the hell that can be, urgently needs to visit a concert of this band himself.

In addition to insults (but preferably towards diseases), they cover a range from sugary sweet singer-songwriter pieces to thunderous rock anthems. On their last tour, where 10 out of 12 concerts were sold out, ok.danke.tschüss showed that their concerts can transport an almost irrepressible energy into the audience, which is shouted back at them double and triple in the form of song lyrics. Because as soon as ok.danke.tschüss enter the stage, it's not only amazing what happens on stage. Their audience is also as colorful as the sports outfits of the unicorn rock band from Mannheim. All ages, genders, subcultures and hair colors can be found here. There is only one thing they all have in common: no hate and discrimination. There are probably no friendlier people at any other concert than at ok.danke.tschüss.

This inexhaustible joie de vivre is exactly what it's all about: this is the new normal.

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KNUST Hamburg Neuer Kamp 30 20357 Hamburg

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