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In the organizer's words:
There are stories that are too good not to tell, even if they are bloody. For example, the life of the inventor of modern pantomime, Jean Gaspard Deburau. His biography is a summation of a problem that, 177 years later, concerns us more than ever: old white men. Deburau was such a man and invented him as a character for the stage as well. His name: Pierrot - and his story is neither corny nor harmless. It is about murder.

The naive and supposedly innocent figure of Pierrot becomes the starting point of a journey into his own abysses. He is taken apart, multiplied and put back together again. He seems far away from us, this dreamy dolt, stranded on a siding of aesthetic development and permanently forgotten. The foreigner Jean-Gaspard Deburau made it from an untalented street acrobat to the "best actor in Paris". He was cheered on by the lower classes, admired by the artistic elite, while France launched a colonial war in Algeria. And Deburau slew one of his fans.

Emma Murray, Téné Ouelgo and Max Merker play this Pierrot. They tell with and without words about visible and invisible relations of domination: on stage, in our European history and in us.

"Physical theater beyond the limit of pain, with tortured distorted laughter à la Joker and yet in a very specific bulky-melodramatic way not actually unpoetic. But just no children's birthday party either." p.s.-Zeitung Zurich, Thierry Frochaux This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

10.00 - 25.00€ Solidary price system


TD BERLIN Klosterstraße 44 10179 Berlin

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