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115 minutes | Drama / Comedy | Release: 26.10.2023 | Germany 2023

Tragicomedy about a man who bets his friend that he won't drink any more alcohol until he gets his driver's license back. From the filmmaking duo behind the hit "25 km/h".

In a world where you need a reason not to drink, Mark (Frederick Lau) is the uncrowned king. He juggles his life seemingly effortlessly between a demanding job as site manager on a major construction site in Berlin, boisterous business dinners and rampant forays into Berlin's nightlife. When he tries to move his car one night while intoxicated, it happens: police check, license gone, MPU on his neck. Mark bets his best friend Nadim (Burak Yigit) that he will manage not to drink alcohol until he gets his license back. When Mark meets Helena (Nora Tschirner) on the MPU course, he finds his "partner in crime" in her. While he is initially sure that it will all be a walk in the park, the bet slowly turns out to be a long, rocky, often funny, but sometimes really hard road. How do you give up familiar habits and admit to yourself that you have a real problem? The path back to your own self is anything but easy...

After the box office hit "25 km/h" (1.1 million admissions), the successful duo Markus Goller and Oliver Ziegenbalg have finally released their new film together: ONE FOR THE ROAD is told from the heart of life - truthful, gripping, touching and full of humor in both loud and quiet moments. An extraordinary movie that goes straight to the heart. A story about exuberance and control, about loneliness and friendship - and about the long road to recognizing what is really important.

The leading roles are played by Frederick Lau ("The Perfect Secret") and Nora Tschirner ("Gut gegen Nordwind"). They are joined by Burak Yigit ("Victoria"), Friederike Becht ("Im Labyrinth des Schweigens"), Godehard Giese ("Babylon Berlin") and Nina Kunzendorf ("My Zoe") and many more.

As with their previous films together, "25km/h" and "Friendship!", Oliver Ziegenbalg wrote the screenplay and Markus Goller directed.

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Colosseum Filmtheater Schönhauser Allee 123 10437 Berlin

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