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Film Synopsis:
"Open Score," Robert Rauschenberg's work for the "Nine Evenings," began with a tennis match on the floor of the Armory building. Bill Kaminski designed a miniature VHF transmitter that fit into the handle of the tennis racket. A contact microphone was attached to the handle, and the antenna was wrapped around the frame of the racket head. Each time Frank Stella and Mimi Kanarek hit the ball, the vibrations were transmitted to the speakers in the hall, so that a loud BONG could be heard. After each BONG, one of the 48 lights went out. The game ended when the hall was completely dark. In the darkness, 500 people came to the stage. With the help of infrared light and infrared cameras, their outlines were recorded and projected onto three large screens that had been set up directly in front of the audience. In the third part of the work, Simone Forti, who was in a canvas bag, sang an Italian love song while Rauschenberg lifted her up and lowered her down at various locations on the floor of the hall.(Media Art Network)

Cinematography: Alfons Schilling. Editing: Ken Weissman. Music: Robert Rauschenberg. Production: Experiments in Art and Technology. Producer: Billy Klüver, Julie Martin. Length: 90 min.

DOK.fest goes heavy riders
Six Mondays are dedicated to film in 2023 at the venue schwere reiter.

Admission: 9,00 Euro
Box office on the day of the event from 7 p.m. at the schwere reiter (Dachauer Straße 114a, 80636 Munich).

An event of DOK.fest Munich in cooperation with schwere reiter.

DOK.aroundtheclock - the year-round program of DOK.fest Munich: After the festival is before the festival - and in the middle of the documentary year. Every season, DOK.aroundtheclock presents current documentary highlights in our Munich partner cinemas and as guests of our numerous other cultural partners.
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9,00 €

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Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theater Musik Dachauer Straße 114a 80636 München


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