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The Querbeat Story: radically positive! A 13-member creative collective wants tomake . And play. The band lives for the stage, for the rush in energy from audience and sounds. Days you have to waste with love, Nights you make by -. 24 hours "Good morning Barbarossaplatz", dear world. Because Querbeat is love and a lot of optimism, "Früher wird alles besser". The song was a first pre-release statement from the current (third)studio album "Radikal Positiv" (number 2 in the German album charts). Thereby the two previous albums "Fettes Q" and "Randale & Hurra" had already made a good effort andcollected over140 million streams.

In between exuberant and sold out the time on tour, surfed on Crowd andswamin summervibes . The festivals must becelebrated asthey come. From Deichbrand, Summer Jam, Juicy Beats, Lollapalooza, Parookaville, St. Gallen Open Air, once over the Novarock in Austria to Madrid to Rio Babel and back...Pandemic? Survived with creativity! Due to live deprivation,therewasdirectly a record: 12-hour live stream with fans via Zoom. After that, planning, planning, rescheduling, postponing. But the tour2021came...In late summer 2022 with 25 concerts, 65,000 spectators. Thefirst own festival "Querbeat - Randale & Hurra" with 25.000 sold tickets was also still in the calendar. Highlight in the band career and withrepetition in 2023. Querbeat is always for everything ready: ... We will see. Afterthe lastyears full of don'ts and no's it's important to say "YES" again. Make the Q (yes, Querbeat is fighting for the letter back) with all its might.

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Tante Ju Dresden

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