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Seven Tour

On January 27, 2023 Kidnap Music and Rookie Records will release the new PASCOW album "Sieben".

PASCOW describe the creation process and motivation for this as well as previous longplayers: "It's important to us with every production that we don't refer too much to the previous records in the sense of a repetition. Sure, we have our style and don't reinvent the PASCOW wheel every time, but we still try to detach ourselves from the previous albums each time we work on new pieces."

Mission succeeded, one would like to attest, "Seven" again bears a different signature than the predecessor "Jade" from 2019. Four weeks and thus longer than ever before, the band has worked with Kurt Ebelhäuser and Michel Wern in the recording studio45 and produced 14 pieces that do without experiments and sound straightforward, condensed and clear. Musically and especially lyrically, earlier interpretations are not even opened: Punk rock, metal riffs, violins - plus lyrics about Daniel Johnston, Wall E and Eve, the Bethanien or the Queen in the Ritzen. Reads like a mixture of horror? Would have been conceivable, had PASCOW not created a cohesive whole with SIEBEN. And remarkable guest singers accompany individual pieces: Apokalypse Vega from Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen, Nadine Nevermore from NTÄ or the Trier singer Hanna Landwehr.

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