Petra Pan, Oma Hook und Wendy - Abenteuer im Nimmerland

Children & Families Kindertheater Generationentheater Die AZUBIS Familientheater
In the organizer's words:

A Christmas fairy tale for people from 6 to 106 by Die AZUBIS
A favorite classic, reimagined and retold at FUNDUS THEATER

Neverland - here there are adventures, fights, wild children and ticking crocodiles. The camps are clearly defined: The boys against the pirates. The fairy against the girl. The deep sea borders on the wide sky. Those who can fly do so on wings of imagination. That's how it's been for more than 100 years, ever since Scottish writer J. M. Barrie invented his Peter Pan, the boy who won't grow up.

But wait - what if everything is completely different? What if Peter is actually Petra? When Wendy doesn't want to be the motherly one at all? What if Captain Hook wants to cuddle? When a child would much rather be grown up already? Can the story still be told then? Of course, by the AZUBIS. They deconstruct the old text with relish, debunk clichés and rigid role models and tell an adorable story that works for everyone - boys and girls, fathers and mothers and everyone in between. Family, after all.

The theater troupe with the exuberant play instinct begins its narrative with a magical shadow play. It conjures up the outlines of a fantastic Neverland on the big screen. Dare to come closer, take a look. The North Star sparklingly shows two shadowy figures the way: Petra and Wendy land among pirate ships and crocodiles, fencing fights and fairy dust. The adventure can begin - and suddenly the characters reinvent themselves. Wendy wants to be free, Hook doesn't want the stress anymore, Petra thinks she has a right to self-determination and development. They hoist sail on a dinghy with a deep draft.

The three generations on stage could be grandmother, mother and daughter. The shadow play is no longer enough for them, too few levels. The three no longer find themselves in it - but in the families in the audience. They become part of the adventure: How could the story be told so that everyone can discover themselves in it - with all their wishes and dreams? What is beautiful about being young and what about being an adult? What is annoying? They exchange roles, rehearse, sing and fight, they jump on the wind's back. In the end, a never-never land for everyone.

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