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Philipp Gropper’s PHILM

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In the organizer's words:

Admission: 19--30
Start: 20--30

PHILM, the award-winning band of saxophonist Philipp Gropper, is not taking part. At a time when many musicians are either unthinkingly following tradition or are almost obsessively striving for originality and thinking outside the box, the quartet concentrates on timeless virtues, cultivates a sense of community and makes music without any distracting ulterior motives - virtuosic, completely focused on the sound, focused on giving and taking.
A fundamental consideration flows into PHILM: Bandleader Philipp Gropper, pianist Elias Stemeseder, bassist Robert Landfermann and drummer Oliver Steidle do not allow themselves to be forced into traditional roles and reduced to soloist plus rhythm section. All four of them constantly communicate on an equal footing and are partners with equal rights. This attitude and the direct, unadorned, multi-layered sound has earned PHILM an important trophy. In 2021, the band was named national band of the year at the German Jazz Awards.

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Jazzclub Unterfahrt Einsteinstraße 42 81675 München

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