PHOTO: © Constantin Rieß

Oder Doch?

In the organizer's words:

OR DOCH? is the second piece of the company Raum 305, consisting of puppeteer JARNOTH, aerialist Moritz Haase and director Philipp Boë. In fading memories of a shared past, the two protagonists open doors to imaginary spaces that provide insights into the inner turmoil of human beings. As tangled as our inner selves, as labyrinthine transforms the stage, where the claustrophobic cabinet mutates into the skyline of a city and ends as the shambles of history. Whether on the trapeze or dancing on the floor, it is in any case not only the puppets that are manipulated in this dizzying fever dream, and amazing parallels emerge between the human bodies of the actors and the seemingly lifeless bodies of the two figures made of cloth and wood. We accompany them on this intimate ride between flight of fancy and abyss, slapstick and thriller.

As a follow-up to the production WIR WOLLEN NIE NIE, OR DOCH? joins a trilogy of three loosely connected plays about interpersonal relationships.

Further information:

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Chamäleon Theater Rosenthaler Straße 40/41 10178 Berlin

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