PHOTO: © Ralf König

Ralf König: Elftausend Jungfrauen

In the organizer's words:

St. Ursula is the patron saint of the city of Cologne. Together with eleven thousand virgin friends, she is said to have suffered the following martyrdom at the gates of the city around 300 after Redeemer:

The pious maidens allegedly fell victim to a godless horde of barbarians on their return from a pilgrimage to the Pope in Rome.

Eleven thousand virgins, a heavenly angel, the pope in Rome, wild hordes of Huns, plus dragon ships on the Rhine, Rome, the Alps, Cologne.... The whole setting and the epic plot were already a comic in Ralf König's mind's eye when he moved to Cologne 22 years ago and heard the Catholic martyr legend for the first time. Of course, his martyrdom does not end to the detriment of the virgins, because the wild barbarians turn out to be harmless gays from the "Bearded Men Colonia e.V.", who celebrate their rainbow cult every year in Coelln at the beginning of July.

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