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In the organizer's words:

RAUM27 is the kind of band where you can immediately hear that they approach their music with great commitment, diligence and heart and soul. Thanks to precisely this commitment, several of their singles have already cracked the million mark on streaming platforms to date, and there's no end in sight. Because RAUM27 take on "Anfangen Anzufangen" with their debut album.

RAUM27 dare the difficult balancing act of trying to reinvent themselves as a band in the genre of pop music while still writing relevant, modern and danceable songs. Moreover, singer Tristan and multi-instrumentalist Mathis belong to a generation that, in addition to personal worries and fears, has to deal with increasing psychological pressure, climate problems and the constant confrontation with the "perfect life" on social media platforms. The result is lyrics with added value combined with a mature sense of melody and a penchant for melancholy. Doesn't all sound so new? Yes it does. And refreshingly new at that:

On "Anfangen Anzufangen" RAUM27 combine lyrical and musical depth, with a subtle touch of zeitgeist and skillfully transfer social criticism and teenage angst into the now. In doing so, they fight for their very own pigeonhole, because rarely have German lyrics by two musicians in their early twenties depicted age-typical but also social themes with so much urgency and attitude, without seeming contrived, kitschy or embarrassing.

In collaboration with producer and studio engineer Johann Seifert (Cro, Lena Meyer- Landrut, Alexa Feser), 14 songs were created, such as the intimate romance "Sommerregen", which is peppered with quotes from singer Tristan's WhatsApp history, about "Plattenbaum", which celebrates a disenchantment with nature as a counter-design to the general rural exodus, to an examination of their hometown "Bremen" as a "fast-moving city" - RAUM27 tackle topics on their debut album "Anfangen Anzufangen" that always take a look from the personal to the general without drifting into clichés.

That the band stands by its own words is shown by the fact that even in the production of the sound carriers value is placed on sustainability - according to the motto "Das Klima wieder hin" recycled vinyl is used for "Anfangen Anzufangen".

And what already seems entertaining on album length becomes an absolute spectacle live on stage with a 6-piece band: Between support shows for the ROGERS and the first, sold-out shows of their own, the band unceremoniously causes torn down fences and admission stops at the Deichbrand Festival as well as countless aha moments at other festivals. They will present this live energy in 2023 at festivals such as Open-Flair, Vainstream, Rock am Ring Warm-Up, Green Juice and many more. In the fall of 2023, their first own headlining tour will then follow.

Rarely has a German-language debut in the recent past transported such a range of emotions in a comprehensible way. In doing so, RAUM27 authentically set to music their experiences of their own adolescence and of orienting themselves in the current social existence. "Anfangen Anzufangen" leaves many an acclaimed debut album out in the rain and grins mischievously from under the umbrella! Because the name says it all: "To stop" does not exist in the self-image of RAUM27 - they have come to stay and "Anfangen Anzufangen" is just the starting shot!

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