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Dream Theater tribute Regressive Hypnosis, the first of its kind in the Benelux, was formed in 2019 by guitarist Barry van Smeden. As a long-time fan of the undisputed kings of prog rock, he set out with just one goal: to find fellow musicians who are as passionate of the band as himself.
It took almost three years, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, to complete the formation of a group of close friends who have all followed Dream Theater since their youth and share a vivid enthusiasm for their music. Inspired by 1999 masterpiece "Scenes from a Memory", the band decided to name themselves after the protagonists journey through his delusional psyche - Regressive Hypnosis was born.
Just as with Dream Theater itself, finding the right vocalist proved to be the hardest job for the newly formed band. While sharpening their musical knives and adding more and more songs to their set list, frustrations rose as moving forward without the perfect singer was impossible. Keyboardist Marco Hoogerheide, bass player Leroy Klein, drummer Eelco van der Meer and van Smeden knew they wanted someone who could cover DT's immense range of styles and sounds, but who also shared their passion and who would be a bandmate, not a hired gun. After many instrumental rehearsals and auditions, it was musical prodigy Jermain van der Bogt (also known as Wudstik) who completely blew away the group. Well known from his solo work, collaborations in the pop and hiphop scene and his work with For All We Know, Jermain proved the missing link to make Regressive Hypnosis complete.
With 15 albums of back catalog to choose from, the Dutch quintet deliberately looked for songs they love themselves, creating a journey through DT's entire 30+ year career. This leads them to play true Dream Theater classics such as Metropolis part 1, This Dying Soul and The Spirit Carries on, but also lesser known songs, long epics and challenging pieces like Pale Blue Dot and Breaking all Illusions. From 1989 debut album When Dream And Day Unite to latest effort A View From The Top Of The World, the group highlights everything that makes Dream Theater unique.
Most of all, Regressive Hypnosis aims to treat Dream Theater fans to a lively and energetic experience, that showcases their own admiration and enthusiasm for the material. To have five lifelong fans translate all of their talent and dedication into a live set will be a thrill for anyone who loves progressive music at its best.
Backed by booking agency JBM Events, Regressive Hypnosis have released their first promo video, recorded live by sound engineer Dave Schinkel and filmed by video artist Ambro Roeland. The band is available for shows (90 or 120 minutes) throughout the Benelux and Europe.

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