PHOTO: © Christoph Busse

Reinald Grebe: Das Foreveryoungkonzert

In the organizer's words:

Cologne premiere

Rainald Grebe falls into a time warp and follows a pink rabbit. It looks very young. He is still sitting at the piano.

The seventh solo -tick tick- the eighth wonder of the world- tick- the third teeth- tick- that I can still experience this, and the groundhog greets me forever, time loop, time changeover, time for bread, I am ancient, I am now receiving prizes for my life's work, I was just a newcomer, I am me, I am: 52/ 14/ 95, please tick- tick- but you're as old as you feel- tick- I feel like 102 -tick- but look younger- tick- I got deathly ill had strokes and walked on the rollator, the fine cash register frame- tick- and rolled through Berlin/ through Brandenburg/ through the eternal hunting grounds, and thought I'd die before my parents, sometimes I think I'm already dead, I take another quick look at the earth, a visitor, and see what people are up to - tick- the young people - tick- are in the majority now - tick- they call me by my first name. What generation am I? Generation 27 68 89? X y z? I'm Generation Simultaneous, Generation Puree, Generation Just Visiting.

I'm still here. And I want to stay. I try everything to look young in self-experimentation, I want to belong to the advertising-relevant target group of 13-79. I go to the plastic surgeon, to cryotherapy, lose weight lying down, have large areas of fat cells destroyed with high voltage current, I boil soap from my bum, I set off on the path to eternal youth. When I see you, I'm wearing diapers and have porridge on my cheek. My funeral in the delivery room. In the 14th century, parents didn't have an emotional relationship with their children because most of them died anyway, I'm reading something like that, I don't know exactly where it's all going but probably to Solo No. 7...

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COMEDIA Theater Vondelstraße 4-8 50677 Köln

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