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Ruts DC – München, Strom

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In the organizer's words:

Some bands sound like punk, some look like punk. Some even do both. And some are simply punk. The Ruts rebelled early on against the notion that punk is just some idiotic dogma that dismisses complexity, creative experimentation and musicianship as affectation. The songs of the Ruts and later Ruts DC move with precision-working mechanics and contain lyrics full of eloquent and dignified rage. Two-chord garbage with some shouting over it - absent!
The new album Counterculture, the follow-up to 2016's incendiary Music Must Destroy, is more timely than ever. Now is the time. Has there ever been a time when there was more reason to rebel? But you can't just buy into the counterculture.You don't become part of it by just watching it.
"The counterculture has never been gone for us," says bassist and vocalist John "Segs" Jennings. "We've always been outsiders, and we still are. It's okay to be a freak. That's why we started the Ruts in the first place. If it's still inside you, it's high time to rekindle that flame. Get to know the unknown. Come borrow my lighter."
Drums and bass as a defensive wall, guitar and the rest in attack mode - these are Ruth's DC. That's all there is to know.

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