Salut Salon

In the organizer's words:

Dreams tickle our senses. They amuse and inspire us. And they make the impossible suddenly seem child's play.

On the occasion of their 20th stage anniversary, Salut Salon lead us furiously and enchantingly through musical dream worlds between illusion and reality. With their brilliant opening, Astor Piazzolla's "Tango del Diablo", Angelika Bachmann (violin), Meta Hüper (violin), Heike Schuch (cello) and Kristiina Rokashevich (piano) give an idea of how diverse dreams can sound: turbulent and disturbing, tender and full of longing. The quartet wanders through the emotions with absolutely captivating dynamics and uses the instruments not only with classical perfection, but also daringly and imaginatively as sound tools and artistic accomplices. Violins, cello and piano are tapped, worked and danced on. The instruments sound so impulsive and sensitive, as if they were independent characters with their very own stories to tell: Of exuberance and love, of the fleeting nature of time and the utopias that we particularly need right now.

In "Dreams", Salut Salon bring all kinds of magical creatures and fairytale figures to life. They get up to mischief, make you think and fire your imagination. The witches in Donovan's "Season of the Witch" are conjured up with a casual groove. They fly around wildly in Bartholdy's "Walpurgisnacht". And they calculate their way through Goethe's "Hexeneinmaleins" with beguiling finesse. In Prokofiev's "Diabolical Whispers", the devil is up to his mischief in a sinister manner. And the film music to "Harry Potter" takes us right into the secrets of Hogwarts. Salut Salon know no bounds when it comes to dreaming: A Yiddish number is bursting with the joy of dancing, joie de vivre and the will to be free. And the lullaby "Nana" by Georgian composer Sulchan Zinzadze gently pulls at the soul when a mother and her child dream of being allowed to return to their homeland.

Whether Vivaldi, Brahms, Tchaikovsky or Dukas: Salut Salon interpret the works in a wonderfully headstrong manner and with an intoxicating joy of playing. The quartet amazes its audience with verbal acrobatics and slapstick, tap dancing and a singing saw. And with all kinds of amazing effects: A bright spark jumps from one musician to the next, it snows on stage like in a fairytale forest. And when things get particularly fast and passionate, even the cello bow catches fire. Not forgetting the puppet Oskar, who drives the pianist Kristiina crazy with his hilarious magic tricks. The musicians repeatedly join in with polyphonic singing that is as touching as it is euphoric. "Dreams" is a show full of poetry that they have wonderfully eavesdropped on the world. Entertainment with ambition and a twinkle in the eye that inspires and exhilarates the audience. And which beautifully encourages the audience to follow their own dreams.

Organizer: Capitol Betriebs GmbH

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