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"I don't want to change people. I want to love them, because that's the only way to change anything at all - by loving." - Scott McClanahan Scott is an average guy: vocational school literature teacher, two kids, married, always trying to do everything right. But what is that, really: the "right thing"? - Always being authentic? Always following conventions? When everyone is responsible for their own happiness, only one thing is really needed - self-confidence. But it's stupid when this self doesn't really get things right. In search of his own self, in the midst of a society that blindly follows the American Dream, although everyone suspects that it is a lie, Scott repeatedly comes up against his limits and those of his fellow human beings. "Sarah" is a hymn to life on the edge, the story of a marriage coming to an end, and an attempt to find common ground in a world full of individuals. Scott McClanahan (b. 1978) is a writer living in West Virginia. "Sarah" is his third novel and the first to appear in German, 2020. McClanahan writes of the real America - beyond the smooth and prestigious facade of Hollywood; his characters are the everyday failures of the middle class, whose faults may just be wanting to be happy without knowing how Insights behind the scenes and conversations with author Scott McClanahan, translator Clemens Setz, director Oliver Reese and actor Marc Oliver Schulze can be found on "BE at home". This content has been machine translated.


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