Sascha Grammel - Wünsch Dir was

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In the organizer's words:

Everyone please stand on your toes for a moment! There is news from the house of Grammel!

After his so far four, frenetically celebrated, highly praised, dearly loved and therefore also rightly platinum-awarded live programs"HETZ MICH NICHT!", "KEINE ANHUNG","ICH FIND'S LUSTIG" and last"FAST FERTIG!", conjures our incorrigibly good-humored-blond-streaked Spandauer ventriloquist pride now evenly his newest, dreamlike-emotional, again wonderfully silly live program "WÜNSCH DIR WAS" loose-fluffy from the hat, the sleeve or from the belly.

Already after the first seconds of "WÜNSCH DIR WAS" one understands, why Grammel did not coincidentally learn the small ABC, the large one times one and the one-handed bicycle driving on an almost genuine Spandauer honey cake horse, so candyfloss-sweet and pudding powder-whistling El Grammeloni scores again this time with his inimitable, never taking himself too seriously, childlike-light humor, his enviably chronic-happy disposition and his unabashed tendency to complete nonsense. "WÜNSCH DIR WAS" is Grammel's latest, craziest, delightfully whimsical jaunt into the blissfully warm, funny-wild ventriloquist's land of milk and honey.

An all-around funny, playfully cross-generational family trip into the blue or the green, with bag and baggage and hobo and kunz. And all the trimmings. And the unshakable promise that everything will always be all right in the end. That dreams come true if you believe in them hard enough. That fairy tales come true and sorrow and worries will surely pass. And that friendship, love, courage and honesty always win in the end.

So sworn fans and Grammel newcomers can look forward to the full Puppet Comedy board again with"WÜNSCH DIR WAS"! But beware: this time our dear Sascha "I think I just forgot my lines" Grammel and his incomparable puppet troupe can't be tamed at all. Why should they?"WÜNSCH DIR WAS" is a colorful grammelsurium of the very best! With sugar coating and laughing muscle soreness guarantee!

And Scotland would not be Scotland, a Schrimp no Schrimp and Grammel not Grammel, if there were not here and there also again a few tears of the emotion to shed...

Sascha Grammel's"WÜNSCH DIR WAS" is a single, giga-sized puppet comedy wonder bag and a must-see, must-laugh and must-come-again not only for absolute Grammel fans!

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plus advance booking fees, discounted tickets available for children under 12 years of age

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LANXESS arena Willy-Brandt-Platz 3 50679 Köln

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