Schillerkiez Mysterium - Entdeckerspaziergang mit deinem Smartphone

In the organizer's words:

This neighborhood walk is (at least) unusual.

You follow a mysterious line in the pavement through Neukölln. Where did it come from, where does it lead? Find the line and find out. Experience the Schillerkiez from its most honest side. A district that looks different every day and is constantly changing.

Once built for the wealthy, then made world-famous by the Berlin Airlift, later neglected due to aircraft noise and now gentrified once again to become the most expensive area in Neukölln.

The tour leads along Hermannstraße for around 3.5 km, past neighborhood pubs, neighborhood institutions, hip-hop bars and art galleries. You will meet a magician king and an excessive nightclub dancer. You can visit Tempelhofer Feld via the flight path and experience the traces of change live.

Small tasks and fun questions keep you entertained along the way. For example, do you know the answer to the question of whether it is really harmful to swallow chewing gum? Or where the Kölln in Neukölln actually comes from?

There is even a musical soundtrack to match the title of the tour at each stop.

The tour can be started at any time and again, on site or from home, using the browser of a smartphone.

Have fun in Berlin Neukölln!

The tour is available in German, French and English.

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Berlin, Schillerkiez Weisestraße 12049 Berlin

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