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Sonja Pikart „Ein Spatz, ein Wunsch, ein Volksaufstand“ Kabarett

Spoken word Comedy Unterhaltung Kabarett
In the organizer's words:

Sonja Pikart "A sparrow, a wish, a popular uprising"

"That's a bit of cruelty to animals," thinks the sparrow. But no one asks him. For hours, he and his fellow sufferers have been squatting in a musty cage at the weekly market. Every few minutes, a customer presses money into the sparrow seller's hand to take out a bird, whisper a wish in its ear and then set it free. The bird is of course caught at the next corner and sold again in the morning as a flying fortune cookie. But the sparrow won't put up with this for long. If just one more stray visitor to the market blows his bad breath in his face, he'll be sick to death! He's planning an uprising, a revolution, he's going to break free! In a world full of laws, regulations and expectations, Sonja Pikart discovers an angry mob in her heart. She has realized: if it's not your family that's destroying your psyche, then the rest of the world will take care of it. Wherever you go, you're not going anywhere unless you've recited the T&Cs and your password contains at least one Klingon click sound. You can't even demonstrate anymore without first checking whether tear gas is contraindicated if you're taking vitamin B12 at the same time. So let's fight back! Without first checking whether gun barrels are a good ecosystem for daisies, we set off. Like a horde of girl scouts running amok, we disregard the manufacturer's instructions, burn all the backups and get ready for our inner uprising!
A cabaret about self-liberation, rebellion and independence.
In addition to numerous other awards, she received the Austrian Cabaret Prize in 2019 and won the small Scharfrichterbeil and the Audience Award of the renowned competition in Passau in 2022!

Price information:
AK 23,- €/ 17,- € (reduced) / VVK 18,- € / 13 € (reduced) (+fees)
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Theater 509 Dreikönigenstr. 23 50678 Köln

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