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In the organizer's words:

based on the novel of the same name by Jovana Reisinger

adapted for the stage by Jovana Reisinger and Yana Eva Thönnes

In her novel, Jovana Reisinger follows nine women from the spring to the summer of an unnamed year, which should not be far from our present. They all live in and around Munich and they all bear the names of women's magazines. Like templates, they live and fail, each alone and yet together, to live up to the images and ideas of what it commonly means to be a woman. Marriage, friendship, dismissal - there is a manual for everything, which in the end doesn't help, but makes the horizon of expectations grow immeasurably. With biting wit and great empathy, Reisinger tells of women who explore the radius of their scope of action, of experiences between empowerment and oppression, between privilege and fear of relegation, between self-optimization and self-empowerment. She places happiness next to the greatest despair, life crises and experiences of violence next to the small excitements of everyday life.

Jovana Reisinger and director Yana Eva Thönnes are co-writing a stage adaptation of the 2021 Bavarian Book Award-nominated novel.

"I want to immerse the audience in the more or less normative Bavarian ideal landscapes against which the protagonists' lifestyles, trimmed by patriarchy, unfold. Here, the disciplined choreographies of role constraints finally break open, until Lisa wants to fly off the handle, until Tina's wounds open up and Brigitte is no longer itching. Bavaria - the much-mentioned most beautiful country in the world: a backdrop, a programmed atmosphere, a world of beautiful appearances in which Laura, Lisa, Barbara, Verena, Jolie, Petra, Brigitte, Emma and Tina finally ask themselves the question of who actually writes the script of their lives." Yana Eva Thönnes

Artistic direction

Production Yana Eva Thönnes
Stage Dominic Huber
Costumes Belle Santos
Music Nile Koetting
Video Luis August Krawen
Lighting Barbara Westernach
Dramaturgy Katrin Michaels

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Price information:

from 8 € for students


Marstall Marstallplatz 4 80539 München