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Tagebuch eines Wahnsinnigen

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In the organizer's words:
German by Kai Borowsky Poprishchin is a lowly civil servant in the state service. Every day he toils in his gray everyday life, is unhappy in his job and also hopelessly in love with the daughter of his highest boss. He dreams of social advancement and withdraws more and more from the reality that humiliates him, finally escaping completely into a world of make-believe. In "Diary of a Madman," Nikolai Gogol describes the situation of a man who no longer has a chance at a career and advancement in society, but refuses to accept it. Instead, he tries to cope with his inferiority complex through a sense of omnipotence heightened to the point of megalomania. Samuel Finzi plays the madman who starts a new career at the age of 42. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

19.00 - 25.00€


Deutsches Theater Berlin Schumannstr. 13 a 10117 Berlin

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