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by Moliére

Orgon and his elderly mother hang on his every word and let him run the bourgeois household as he pleases: the bigot Tartuffe. The rest of the family is less enthusiastic. The maid Dorine even suspects fraud. But Orgon promises Tartuffe his daughter's hand in marriage and disinherits his son, making the preacher his sole heir. He does not even want to have seen the amorous advances that Tartuffe shamelessly makes to Orgon's wife. Only when his wife Elmire proves Tartuffe's lechery to him in an arranged fake rendezvous does Orgon realize the deception. But then it is too late ...

Jean Baptiste Poquelin, alias Molière, the grand master of French comedy, caused himself many problems with his "Tartuffe". The relentless criticism of the clergy in it caused him to fall out of favor with his ruler and patron Louis XIV. Only after three rewrites was "Tartuffe" allowed to conquer the stage and the hearts of its audience. This shameless swindler, who presents himself as a charismatic leader, is timelessly topical. With his bitingly critical humor, Molière holds up a mirror to a society that makes such deceivers possible.

A co-production with the Reichenau Festival

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Renaissance-Theater Berlin Knesebeckstr. 100 10623 Berlin

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