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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

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Katniss, who is hiding in the 13th District, is used as a propaganda tool by the revolutionary leaders against the Capitol. She wakes up in a hospital and learns that Peeta was the victim of a mind manipulation by the Capitol. But the real threat does not come from the Capitol; plans are already being made within their own ranks for the time after the war, when Katniss, an icon of the revolution, has become too popular with the population for many who hope to gain power themselves. Katniss struggles to heal Peeta, at least to some extent. Nevertheless, she goes with him and a small unit on a final secret mission to the Capitol to kill President Snow. His execution is to be seen live on television, as the leaders of the revolution believe it will end the war. But Katniss has long been unable to trust her leaders. All she has left is to trust her instincts.

In OV (Original Version)

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