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The Multiplicity of the Other

Theater Tanz Performance
In the organizer's words:
With her sensual sci-fi installation The Multiplicity of the Other, Mexican choreographer Ixchel Mendoza Hernández explores a body in constant flux - an alteritarian body that reflects on the construction of the other and the self. Oscillating between ambiguity and unambiguity, this body sets out on a quest: it attempts to escape, liquefies definitions, and thus critically eludes a status quo.

The Multiplicity of the Other provokes a contemplative space of experience that activates the senses of the viewer. The impossible is reflected as possible. What positions of identity emerge? What if the Other and the Self could merge?

In this observation that mirrors the self, the distinction between the other and the self is multiplied, examined, and repeatedly called into question.

As part of the ninth fold, "Ghosts & Demons," Tanzfabrik Berlin presents works dedicated to the unknown. Inspired by sci-fi models and medieval archetypes, the confrontation with different phantasms enters the bodies of the performers and becomes the motor of their movements. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

Pay what you can (10/15/20/25)


Uferstudios Uferstr. 8/23 13357 Berlin

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