PHOTO: © Marco Martins

The Oszillators @ Reh Live

In the organizer's words:


The Oszillators are an experimental live band and move stylistically within a broad spectrum between electronic music and jazz. Their fascination lies in experimenting with sound as a means of liberation, which takes them far beyond the boundaries of aesthetic models and what has gone before. By delving deep into the unknown, the unheard and the unplayed, the three musicians expand their musical vocabulary with every concert and explore undiscovered spaces that are yet to be explored in modern music. Their playing skills are finely tuned to each other and they carry out their sound research live, allowing their audience to participate directly in their musical exploration processes. Repetitions of patterns are followed by unbiased improvisation, order is followed by chaos, always mediating between familiarity and innovation.

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Zum Scheuen Reh Hans-Böckler-Platz 2 50672 Köln

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