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The Pighounds: That's grunge from Dortmund�A duo that sounds like five. Energetic, dynamic, loud, quiet, soulful and brute.�The two longtime friends and thoroughbred musicians Peter Bering (guitar, vocals) and Alessandro De Luca (drums) bring their passion to the stage.�Lyrics that life writes and a wall of music that combines 90s and modern in a very unique way.�Listen, dance, sweat - there is something here for every music lover.

Before 2018 The Pighounds saw the light of day, Peter and Sandro founded the band Fitches with two other friends in 2014.In a short but quite productive band history from 2014-2018�the Fitches released two EPs, two albums and played around 150 shows and festivals�in six countries until the band was effectively disbanded due to private changes, although never officially confirmed.
Already in the Fitches, the two "Schweinehunde" were the musical head and a well-rehearsed team and so Peter and Sandro never thought of quitting.�As with the predecessor band, it then went very quickly with The Pighounds.�Already shortly after the formation, the material for their debut album was written and, as always, recorded and produced in the home studio itself and should be released in summer 2018 on Sweepland Records.�Already in spring 2018 they played their first co-headlining tour together with AmyJo Doh & The Spangels, touring not only Germany but also Belgium and the Netherlands.�Tirelessly, The Pighounds write songs, play concerts and festivals, shoot videos�and as a duo fully immerse themselves in their new project.�2019 will see the next major tour together with Formosa, 12 concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The two friends are reaping the rewards of their hard work and staying busy.�And when they're not on the road as Pighounds, they're helping out as guest musicians, such as with friends AmyJo Doh & The Spangles, supporting The Libertines on their 2019 European tour.
And then comes 2020.�As everyone knows, live shows are dying out. A handful of shows will still be played before calling it a day in March, after the release show of labelmates Aniyo Kore.�In the summer, there was still a live stream with old friends Daily Thompson. End? No!�No shows means only one thing for The Pighounds: time for new music.�A new EP has long been in the can and the concert-free time is used to prepare the release.�After the debut album "we used to be innocent" (2018), the EP "a few seconds" will be released digitally and as a limited version on tape on November 20, 2020.�And a new album was also recorded in late summer 2020. For this, the two have thrown their entire equipment in the van and a week with friends, spread out on an old farm and recorded. The result is to be heard when it gets warmer again in 2021.
The Pighounds have taken advantage of the gigantic lemon harvest of 2020 and now have some lemonade in the pipeline.

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Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf Oberbilker Allee 29 40215 Düsseldorf

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