Thomas Fröschle - Ende Legende 2.0

In the organizer's words:

He ended legends, he got out of control, he was a frog with ears.
Now Thomas Fröschle alias Topas shows the best of three comedy shows in one evening!

Fröschle tells about his view of the world with all its illusions and collisions - what we wonder about and why our brains explode.
He has a surprisingly flexible body with thighs that would make any Frenchman's mouth water.
And mimically he goes hard to the limits of what a dermatologist can still justify for the facial skin.

The Fröschle shows more than "stand up" and cabaret - it is action comedy. He speaks, sings and jumps with hammer, blades and chainsaw. He shows full commitment in the service of the comedy customer. And thanks to decades of experience, there are hardly any injuries. At the most, digital technology is smashed or an arm is cut in two.

When Fröschle describes everyday life, no pond remains dry. And he doesn't mince his words. He's not a tree frog.

With 20 million clicks on YouTube, his "Soundcheck" went viral. Fröschle plays in Lisbon, Lausanne and Las Vegas, but here with us he prefers to earn his money.

Der Fröschle - guaranteed without dialect, but with a big mouth.

Why not just watch the best of one of the best?
Now the Fröschle comes out of the "Quak" and pulls through!
Have fun!

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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