PHOTO: © Marvin Ruppert

Tino Bomelino: Mit der Kraft der Power

In the organizer's words:

"Are you not satisfied with your life? You see a package of slice cheese melting in the sun and think to yourself "same"? You just read three questions?

Then this show is so extremely wrong for you that it's maximally right again!

With the POWER of POWER is not only a COMEDY program but also an ILLEGAL TRADE PLACE for PYRAMIDS. Bring me a SMALL PYRAMID, that's your initial investment. Now convince 10 friends TO MAKE A PYRAMIDE and you are 100% guaranteed to get YOUR PYRAMIDE BACK!!!! (THE SCRATCHES WERE ALREADY)!

Now, if you're wondering what this program is even about, then YOU'VE TAPPED ME OK?!!!? I promise you that I will have something MEGALUSTIC prepared by this date EVERYWHERE. There will be PICTURES, plus I'll be telling funny THINGS and singing SONGS on the LOOPSTATION that I'VE DEFINITELY BEEN THERE. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME MY GOODNESS!!!

You'll definitely get your money back if you're not satisfied AND CAN CATCH ME!!! Otherwise, WATCH MY PROPERTY GROW!!!

The power of power be with you!


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COMEDIA Theater Vondelstraße 4-8 50677 Köln

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