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Tomás Saraceno – in orbit

In the organizer's words:

Above the piazza of the K21 at a height of more than 25 meters hovers the huge spatial installation "in orbit" by artist Tomás Saraceno. The walk-in artwork is a construction of almost transparent steel nets stretched in three levels under the enormous glass dome.

Within the 2,500 square meter net structure, five air-filled 'spheres' are placed. The installation looks like a surreal landscape, a sea of clouds or like outer space with its weightless planets.

Visitors are invited to enter and climb the installation to discover it. The brave who dare perceive the museum visitors in the depths from airy heights like tiny figures in a model world. Conversely, the people in the network appear from below and from the mezzanines of the Ständehaus like floating figures in the sky. With a new VR (Virtual Reality) work, the artist further develops the interactive component of "in orbit".

AEROCENE: FREE THE AIR. "Orbit-s" For a Post-Fossil Fuel Era (2022).

The open source VR set invites you to a flight where you take off and yet remain on planet Earth. Lifted only by air, warmed only by the sun, and carried only by the currents of the winds, you fly around the world with no fossil fuels, emissions, solar panels, or lithium batteries.

Please see our safety instructions for "in orbit":

Minimum age 12 years
Youth between the ages of 12 and 17 must be accompanied by or have written permission from a parent or guardian. The written permission can only be given by using the following Pdf and can be handed in on site: Download PDF

Opening hours
There may be waiting times when there is a rush of visitors. On weekends we recommend an early visit. The last visit to the installation takes place at 17.15.

Maintenance and closures
Technical maintenance work on the complex construction is necessary at irregular intervals. It is possible that the installation will be temporarily inaccessible for a short period of time. The network will remain closed during some events in K21 and on the Piazza.

Fitness, footwear, clothing
Physical fitness, sturdy footwear with a pronounced tread (trekking shoes, no sneakers or sneakers!) and appropriate clothing are essential for active use. Sturdy footwear is not provided by the museum and you must bring your own.

6 people at the same time
Up to 6 people can access the net at the same time.

Duration of stay: 10 minutes
In case of high visitor traffic, the stay in the installation is limited to 10 minutes.

On site
Lockers are located at the entrance to the installation. Overalls and goggle straps will be provided. Trekking shoes will not be provided. You must read and sign the safety instructions before entering the installation.

No photography on the network
Cameras and smartphones may not be taken on the grid. Photographs may be taken from the outside!

Share your experiences! There are already countless photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook under the hashtag #K21inorbit.

Media and filming inquiries
Special conditions apply to media inquiries and professional photo and filming permits of all kinds. Please contact the press office.

Safety instructions and prepared parental consent form.
The following safety instructions must be read and signed before entering the installation: Download PDF

Please bring footwear with a pronounced tread (trekking shoes!) for your visit. Sneakers and similar shoes are not allowed.

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K21 Ständehaus / Kunstsammlung NRW Ständehausstraße 1 40217 Düsseldorf

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