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Verbotene Bücher

In the organizer's words:

Whether autocratic rulers, totalitarian regimes or obdurate bureaucrats, whether concerned parents, strict judges or guardians of the true faith - for as long as books have existed, there has been a bitter struggle over the opposition between artistic freedom and strict moral, political or religious ideas: An exhibition of stories from and about famous books that have been banned. Banning books means power and control. Control over the politically unpopular, over women, over the socially disadvantaged, over people who are seen as not belonging. Keeping people from education means preventing them from thinking freely and empowering themselves. Censorship has existed since the invention of printing and is reaching new dimensions in many regions of the world today. Nevertheless, the freedom of the word must be protected and defended, even in democracies, and its value must be constantly re-examined. The current debate shows how existentially the issue is felt. From the Roman Inquisition's "librorum prohibitorum" index to the Nazis' book burning to the assassination attempt on Salman Rushdie, author of "The Satanic Verses," which narrowly failed: the exhibition explores the difference between prohibition and awareness in changing societies.

NOTE: The exhibition features literary and visual depictions of sex, racism and violence.

Admission: EURO 8.- / 6.- // Mondays EURO 3.- for pupils & students // Last round from 5.30 pm: EURO 4.-

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Literaturhaus München Salvatorplatz 1 80333 München

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