WangShui. Toleranzfenster

In the organizer's words:

WangShui (b. 1986, USA) works with video, installation and painting to explore the intimate intertwinement of humans and machines. The exhibition "Tolerance Window" at Haus der Kunst combines virtual and real spaces. In a live experiment, it tests how technologies influence human consciousness.

"Tolerance Window" integrates human behavior and artificial intelligence. The first room features paintings that WangShui hand-paints with sandpaper and oil paints on reflective aluminum. The paintings are created in a process WangShui describes as "sensory integration." In this process, an AI processes a dataset consisting exclusively of WangShui's paintings. Through these recursive learning loops, WangShui embodies the algorithm while painting and develops an artistic signature together with the AI. The new paintings on view in the exhibition pick up motifs from the live simulation Certainty of the Flesh in the second room.

The video work, created in real time, is controlled by programmed neural networks and simulates a posthuman reality show. The avatar characters are in constant flux; their behavior is conditioned but unpredictable. A WangShui-generated dataset of movements and sounds forms the basis for the action, which can be seen fragmented on multiple LED screens.

"Tolerance Window" is WangShui's first institutional solo exhibition in Europe, and the commissioned work produced for Haus der Kunst sets a new standard in artistic collaboration between humans and AI.

Curated by Sarah Johanna Theurer and Teresa Retzer.

WangShui's work opens windows into virtual worlds. It is exhibited in dialogue with "In Other Spaces" and presents a contemporary perspective on the art form of environments.

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Haus der Kunst Prinzregentenstraße 1 80538 München

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